The mission of St. Edmund Campion Academy is best summarized in a well-known passage from the Baltimore Catechism series: “To know, love and serve God.” This is the reason Campion exists and is an essential aspect of its educational philosophy.

Students at Campion are first and foremost instructed in the teachings of the Catholic Church. These teachings help the student to develop into a moral, responsible and well-ordered individual as well as helping to properly contextualize the training they receive in their academic disciplines to best discern and follow the path set out for them by God. From instruction in catechism and study of theology and philosophy to daily Mass and regular confession St. Edmund Campion Academy strives to give the gift of a sincere and well developed spiritual life to its students.

While Campion’s mission is centered in Christ and the instruction of the faith we as Catholics are called to “Go forth and teach all nations”. St. Edmund Campion Academy’s mission therefore expands beyond just the spiritual formation of the individual to include rigorous training of the mind and body. The instruction of the student’s mind begins with the most essential aspects of learning: Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. From there the student is trained in a wide array of disciplines: Latin, Greek, Algebra, Trigonometry, Physics, Chemistry as well as classical history and literature to name a few. As they grow and develop mentally and spiritually it is also important to maintain a sound body to empower the student to follow wherever Christ leads them, to achieve this students are given a sound physical education.

The education of the mind and body are critical to the success of the student in both the long and short term and as mentioned above are taken very seriously at St. Edmund Campion Academy. However, students do not exist in a vacuum, the world, the flesh and the devil press in from all sides assailing the children of Christ with relentless intent. One of the most important defenses against the corrupting influence of the world is the example set by a student’s parents, but even the most devout and involved parents cannot serve as the only example to their children. At St. Edmund Campion Academy our staff stands out as another example of following Christ’s call to serve. Many of our staff work for limited or no pay to allow Campion to minimize the cost passed on to the family. This example of Christ like giving helps students to understand and appreciate just how important their religion is not only to their parents but to the world around them.

The pursuit of this mission is not easy. It requires sacrifices from our staff, our donors and most of all our students and their family. To keep tuition as affordable as possible Campion limits its focus to the education of the students, we cannot offer some of the modern amenities and perks of larger schools. We have no organized sports, computer classes or hot meal program. We do not exclude these offerings because they are not worthy pursuits but because they are not central to the spiritual, mental or physical formation of students and as such are not at the core of our mission.

We hope that you will prayerfully consider taking part in the mission of St. Edmund Campion Academy by enrolling your students or supporting the effort monetarily or spiritually. 

Know Love and Serve God

St. Edmund Campion Academy draws inspiration from the seminal teachings of the Baltimore Catechism. Focusing all its efforts on teaching its students to know love and serve God in this life so that they can be happy with Him in the next. 

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Christ Centered

Christ is both literally and metaphorically the center of the school's life. Students study religion at every level of their academic career and attend daily Mass at St. Margaret St. John church at noon. 

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Learning to Pray

In addition to the academic formation of students at St. Edmund Campion Academy the school shares the riches of the Catholic faith in every way possible. Students have solemnities and holy days of obligation off school to allow them to fully participate in the life of the Church. 

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